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Where is 7.3.1_Portal_SDK_<platform>_opt.bin

975601 Member Posts: 2
edited Nov 22, 2012 3:32AM in Downloads Issues
Hi all,

I'm looking for 7.3.1_Portal_SDK_<platform>_opt.bin for Solaris 64 bits.

I've downloaded Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management Release 7.3 Media Pack for Solaris Operating System (SPARC 64-bit).
I've follow the instruction to install the 7.3.1_ThirdParty_solaris_32_opt.bin.
When comes to next one as it mention in installation guide, which need 7.3.1_Portal_SDK_<platform>_opt.bin, but i couldn't find this file in my installer.

Any helps will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


  • orafad
    orafad Member Posts: 8,035 Silver Trophy
    edited Nov 22, 2012 3:21AM
    This does not seem to be an issue with the downloads service per se.

    Rather a product forum would be more apropriate (if one exists for BRM, maybe somewhere in

    For the patches, try Metalink / MOS to retrieve patches or ask support about how to obtain dependent patches.
  • 975601
    975601 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for pointing me to proper direction.
    Will try post my question there.
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