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How to configure JDBC OCI over SSL with Oracle Wallets (TAF)

User_F5G1W Member Posts: 15 Blue Ribbon
Here is my setup: DB Server = on a Single Instance DB with the Oracle July PSU. Use ASM with Grid Infrastructure. I just downloaded the Oracle Instant Client Lite - Basic so I could use Transparent Application Failover which uses OCI and not THIN. I would much prefer to use THIN but to use TAF need to utilize OCI.

OJDBC6_g.jar is the jdbc jar file currently in use.

My application/client is stand-alone on a separate server from that of my Oracle database.

I have successfully set-up JDBC THIN over SSL with Oracle Wallets using the keystore and truststore. The Wallet exists on the DB Server.

If I simple change THIN --> jdbc:oracle:thin to jdbc:oracle:oci I get an error that the Oracle Wallet can't be opened. Why is this? Why does thin work and not OCI. Why don't the same keystore/truststore parameters work for both THIN and OCI. I am using the oraclepki.jar, odst_core.jar and odst_cert.jar in my classpath as well.

Are there are java examples of configuring JDBC OCI over SSL with Oracle Wallets? I can only find JDBC THIN examples. It would be great if someone is using TAF because they would need to be using OCI and not THIN.

Do I need to create a wallet on the Client as well? I already have a wallet that is configured on the DB. I have the Wallet location declared in both the listener.ora and sqlnet.ora files.

As I stated I have the correct configuaration for THIN because I can successfully connect to the DB from the client using THIN over SSL with the Oracle Wallet.

Just looking for JDBC OCI over SSL with Wallet examples and preferably using TAF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There is so much documentation out there and can't make sense of the OCI part because there is very little.

- Jason
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