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including page in a region : best practice

mnoscars Member Posts: 37
edited Dec 19, 2012 2:25AM in APEX Discussions
Hello all,

I know that this subject has been already discussed many times but my question is not really "how to do it"...but "is it the best way"?

So the initial need was the following :

I had to be able to include the content from a page in an application into the region of another application using a generic solution that allows end user to configure easily what page he wants to render without having to use Apex.

For this :
1. I first defined a plugin that allows to render an parametrized iframe into a region.
2. I defined my plugin region on the first page that is linked with elements to define the parameters (page number to render, items and values to set on the page).
3. Then the user can easily change the rendered page on the first application changing the database row that specify the page id.

That is working pretty good but I would like to be sure that there is no proper solution because some customers do not really like the idea to have an application with embedded iframes.

I considered a solution using PLSQL dynamic region, trying to retrieve the page content using an HTML post in PLSQL. But it was not really a success. After fixing access issues, I just noticed that the page was rendering but nothing was functionnal on it (buttons, process...) because of the unknown session context.
I did not succeed to fix this.

I also considered to use an AJAX with htmldb_Get but I do not really like this in that case. Because I want the region to be displayed on pageload. Then that does not really seem logical to make a server call to render first the original page and them refresh the region content.
Moreover, I already used this in the past, and I also had issues about session context (processes not working and so on...)

Do you have any other idea? Do you think the iframe solution is the best one?

Thank in advance for your help and advices.

Best Regards,



  • Hari_639
    Hari_639 Member Posts: 1,484 Silver Trophy
    because some customers do not really like the idea to have an application with embedded iframes.
    How do the customers know whether you are using iframes or not. If you apply page templates similar to "pop-up" and if you use same CSS definitions as of calling application for embedded application, then they can't make it out whether is part of application or iframe calling another application.

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