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Import APEX IR into Excel - BLOB-Images are not transferred

john204020 Member Posts: 18
edited Jan 25, 2013 3:43PM in APEX Discussions

I have an Interactive Report with some alphanumerical columns and one blob column displaying the content (.jpg) as an image.
Now I want to import the report in excel 2010 on Windows 7 64bit.
For this I open an Excelsheet, go to Menu 'Daten', 'Aus dem Web' (sorry for this in german).
Following the dialog I open my APEX Report and select the Report table region for import.
All columns are imported to excel and the alphanumerical data is placed in it.
The problem is, that the column-cells for the images are all empty (no images are transfered by this way).

Does anyone know, how images can be transferred too by this method?

I'm using Internet Explorer Version 9.0.12. My APEX Version is

This is my Source for the Report (excerpt):
select "LL_ERF_ID",
dbms_lob.getlength("IMG1") IMG1,
"TITEL" from mytable

For the Report Attribute of IMG1 I use Display Type "Standard Report Column"
The images are all type of .jpg.

Thanks a lot for any helpful response.

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  • john204020
    john204020 Member Posts: 18
    I tried the scenario also with the 'Application 100 - Sample Database Application' and the IR Products
    I got the same result. No images are being transfered into the Excel sheet.

    In addition to that, I tried another method:
    - Copy the entire Products Page (strg a, strg c)
    - Open Excel
    - Paste (strg v)
    The blob images are still not transfered into Excel.

    Please help. Thanks
  • john204020
    john204020 Member Posts: 18
    Nobody can help?
  • Anton Scheffer
    Anton Scheffer Member Posts: 1,950 Gold Trophy
    Why do you ask this in a APEX forum, looks like an Excel problem to me.
  • john204020
    john204020 Member Posts: 18
    Ok, maybe it's an Excel problem.

    In fact I need a strategy to transfer the IR-table including the blob based images into Excel.
    This is a requirement of the users in our department.
    They need something like a pack & go Version of the report data, because they're often on business travels and familiar with excel and powerpoint.
    Finally, there should be no further costs for additional software like BI-Publisher right now.

    Can you give me some advice or strategy, how to gain this?
    Thanks in advance.
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