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Oracle client and networking components were not found

989367 Member Posts: 3
edited Feb 6, 2013 7:05AM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Crystal report is giving below error:
Logon failed.
ADO Error Code: 0x80004005
Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle
Description: Oracle client and networking components were not found.
These components are supplied by Oracle Corporation and are part of the Oracle Version 7.3.3 or later client software installation

Platform used:
Window 7 Enterprise 64 bit
Oracle client 64 bit 11g Release 2 (
Visual studio 2008
Crystal report basic runtime for VS 2008(x64) version 10.5

Please help to resolve this problem, from 1 week i am trying to solve this issue, tried different options from other blogs but couldnt able to solve the problem.

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  • Tridus
    Tridus Member Posts: 594 Silver Badge
    IIRC, there is no such thing as a 64 bit Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle. Microsoft discontinued it. That your code is apparently still finding it tells me that your program is running in 32 bit mode.

    So the simplest way to fix this is to install a 32 bit Oracle driver.
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