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vkava Member Posts: 16
edited Mar 4, 2013 1:54PM in APEX Discussions
Hi, I am using APEX 3.2.1 and I am having a issue with the date picker I'm moving the value of the date picker from page "1" to page "2" but I don't know how the value in the receiving item change
to the current date I've been looking for any processes or something that interfere in both pages but it is a clean branching from one page to another and the reciving value still changing to today's date instead of the value that was selected in the date picker.


  • vkava,

    Are you still having a problem with this? Have you successfully passed other page items between pages? So then, is it just this one date picker item that's not working?

  • vkava
    vkava Member Posts: 16
    Yes, Im still having this problem, I have not found a solution for this, but what I did was to make the insertion from page "2" without pasing the value, so my insert will
    be like columnx=:itemfrompage1.
  • Howard (... in Training)
    Howard (... in Training) Member Posts: 905
    edited Mar 4, 2013 1:54PM
    Hello again,

    I got an example to work -- but I had to do 2 things. (I would have have preferred 1 simple thing but haven't found that way yet.)

    1) Create a Submit button to submit the page. Otherwise, my date picker value was not saved in the session. That seems to be a requirement for using it on another page.
    2) Create and After Process Branch from, say, page 2 to page 3. Select P2_DATE_PICKER item as the source and &P3_DATE PICKER_DISPLAY. (not ampersand and period!) as the target.

    That worked for me. When I pressed Submit, it branched after the values were submitted.

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