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Region Display Selector and default value in rich text editor in firefox

Archana2-Oracle Member Posts: 116
edited Mar 11, 2013 11:58AM in APEX Discussions
Hi All,

My apex version is : Application Express

a.I have a region selector and I use the following code on 'Execute when Page Loads' to remove the 'Show All ' button :

$(".apex-rds li:first-child").remove();

$(".apex-rds li:first-child").addClass("apex-rds-first");
$(".apex-rds li:first-child").addClass("apex-rds-selected");


b. I also have a rich text editor with default value which has some bold letters , table etc in the html code format.

'Show all ' button is invisible and rich text editor has the default value on load -both works very well- Only in IE.

In firefox : when i put the 'show all 'button hide code , the default value in the rich text editor wont gets loaded. When i remove the code, default values appear properly in the rich text.

My question is : How to hide the Show All button as well as to have a default html value in the rich text editor in firefox browser.

Thanks in advance.


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