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Can ODM include external excel file as source data

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edited Mar 18, 2013 12:27PM in Machine Learning
I am creating an ODM workflow and for the data source, besides the tables/views in DW, can I input an excel file as one data source node? Thanks.


  • Charlie Berger-Oracle
    Charlie Berger-Oracle Sr. Director Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics Member Posts: 63 Employee
    Yes. Assuming that you want to import the Excel file using SQL Developer, here are a few postings on this. This looks like a good one.
  • Hi,
    The Data Miner Workflows are run as Oracle Scheduler Jobs in the database, not at the client.
    So any node running as part of he workflow would have to execute on the server and have access to the excel file.

    Of course you could simply import the excel data into Oracle using the SQL Dev import data utility.
    There are many other ways you could import data from exel as well, this is just one example.

    If you do not want to actually import the data but only reference the excel data for a query type operation (not updated), then you could create a External Table (see doc link below).
    There is a requirement to convert xls format to csv or some compatibile format supported by Oracle.

    Currently Data Miner does not support the definition of nodes as External Table sources, but that could be a way in the future, to support such an integration. So for now you would create an Exernal Table via SQl Devloper utility, and then just use a normal Data Source node.

    I have also seen information on configuring a db link that references a ODBC driver that then ties to a excel file. I think in this case, you do not have to convert the Excel file into a text csv file. Again, once you have a DB Link you can then create a view from it and then use it as a Data Source node in a miner workflow.

    Thanks, Mark
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