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Q:Determine if a item value has changed



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    I assume that your workspace are on If so, the login credentials doesn't work....

  • Someone else had a problem, too. Works for me. You're using @ for " at " of course. Have to go to dinner with boss! Later.

    ... Ah, maybe because I'm logged in! There can only be one(?) at a time. I guess. I'm off to dinner so try now!

  • A Tael wrote:
    Thanks! I will try this solution.

    I have figured out that it has to do with the Radio Button to do (I think) as if I assign any other value to my XX_LAST Item it works like a charm.

    Yes. Radio Groups are different. If I have it straight, the RG value is not immediately available to be tested or assigned like other items -- as you found out -- until the page is submitted. I described how to get around that (above) with a Dynamic Action.
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