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Applying costs in ODM

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edited Apr 1, 2013 1:23PM in Machine Learning
There are two places were you can apply costs (for classification) in ODM
- Compare Models - Profit tab
- Property Inspector - Tune table

Is there an example available on how to use these?

If not what do the following mean
Startup Cost
Incremental Revenue
Incremental Cost

These do not seem to be explained in the help or online documentation


  • About the Profit tab, you can read this thread for more info:


  • Hi,
    The Compare Models - Profit tab is an exploration of results but does not produce a new result other than the displayed details.
    The Tune model via property inspector actually takes this step further and imbeds a scoring time cost matrix into the model.
    The model will then generate scores (apply model) that are affected by the imbedded cost matrix.
    There are several ways that viewers in Tune Model allow you to define your desired modification, but they all end up generating a derived cost matrix to imbed in the model.

    Additionally, you can affect the building of a model as well. Decision Tree will use a build time cost matrix to accomplish this.
    For build time settings, go to the advanced editor of the Classification Build node and see the associated performance setting for each model.
    The default is "balanced" which uses weights and costs to achieve higher overall accuracy.

    Thanks, Mark
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