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Can a replica node have secondary indexes the master does not?

user6501266 Member Posts: 5
edited Apr 10, 2013 3:42PM in Berkeley DB Java Edition
In a JE replication group, is it possible to instantiate a replica (non-master) node that includes additional secondary indices that the master and the other replicas do not have? I would like to have this replica node optimized for performing fast searches on the additional indexes. Previously, all my nodes have had the exact same schema with only a single, primary index. Certainly I could add the secondary indexes on all the nodes, including the master, but the other nodes won't benefit from the add'l indexes as no such searches are expected to be performed on those nodes.


  • Greybird-Oracle
    Greybird-Oracle Member Posts: 2,690
    edited Apr 10, 2013 2:11PM

    No, this is not currently supported. Secondaries must be created on the master as usual and will be replicated to all nodes. However, if secondaries are read frequently on a particular node, they are more likely to stay in cache on that node, or at least more so than on other nodes. So it still may be beneficial to service read requests for secondaries on a subset of nodes. This is a special case of the more general approach where read requests are balanced among nodes according to some form of data partitioning.

    The ability to store secondary indexes only on particular nodes would require several new features and is not currently planned:
    - ability to have non-replicated databases in a replicated environment
    - triggers on the replica so that secondaries can be maintained
    - automatic re-creation of indexes when a node is restored from scratch

  • Thank you, Mark. This is helpful information. My hope was that by keeping the master node schema (as well as all but one of the replica schemas) limited to just the PK index, that this would retain high performance writes at the master node and minimize disk space requirements on all but the to-be-designated 'search' node. (I am using the DPL API, BTW). I would be adding up to 3 secondary indices for quick searching. I guess I would need to run some tests to see the incremental effects/requirement fors:
    -additional disk space is required for the extra indices at each node
    -extra memory requirements per the DbCacheSize tool
    -added inter-node communication overhead and how much, if any, extra permissible lag and consistency timeout should be extended.
    -impact on gross throughput of writes at the master node.

    Maybe I'm better off using DbBackup to copy to a unique instance, separate of the replica group, add the extra indices there to make this the designated 'search' node. It will naturally lag behind the 'live' data of the replica group but that may be acceptable.

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