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Is a 64-bit Linux RDBMS appliance on a Windows 7 64 bit host available?

robdumoulin Member Posts: 29
edited Apr 29, 2013 5:08PM in Big Data Connectors/Hadoop
I have Cloudera Hadoop running with no issues. All I have are 32-bit Oracle Linux environments. It appears I need a 64-bit Oracle environment to install the connector because it has to have Hadoop installed atop of it.

It there a 64-bit Oracle Linux virtual box or VM appliance for a Windows 7 64 host that I can use for testing? Even better, one that has the HADOOP connector and SQL Loader already installed?



  • Mannamal-Oracle
    Mannamal-Oracle Member Posts: 260 Employee
    We are planning a VM that will have 64 bit Linux with single node Hadoop, connectors and a database. I will post a note when it is available.

    Meanwhile, it is straightforward to have a 64 bit Oracle Database install and then add the Hadoop client that one of the connectors needs. The connectors documentation points to instructions for installing the Hadoop client.
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