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OUD installation/Configuration Steps

OUD installation/Configuration Steps
1.Upload OUD Software ofm_oud_generic_11.1.X.X.0_disk1_1of1.zip on Server and unzip it (This will create Disk1 on Server).
2.Install JDK on server and set JAVA_HOME point to directory in which JDK is installed.
3.Start OUD installation as $OUD_SOFTWARE/Disk1/runInstaller -jreLoc $JAVA_HOME (for Windows use setup.exe).
4.On Installation Location screen, specify OUD BASE and OUD ORACLE_HOME directory (OUD Instance will create under OUD Base directory).

Configuration :oud-setup:Create DS instance
oud-proxy-setup:Create DPS instance
oud-replication-gateway-setup:used to setup the replication gateway instance.
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