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Printing a half page report....

kamranpathan Member Posts: 504
edited Jul 5, 2004 8:55PM in Reports
hi...I wanna print an invoice which has a little amount of data,so it can be printed on a 5*5 inch page, although I got its look as I needed i.e its printing on small size n margin but the problem is that printer gives out the whole page, I'M using report-6i with Oracle-8 on win-98, so is there any solution that the printer should stop rolling over the page just when it doesn't have any data to print?????


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    393139 Member Posts: 1,032

    Probably what you want is - the printer should stop rolling over the paper as soon as the report's data is finished, so that something more can be printed on the remainder of the page.

    Oracle Reports sends the report to the printer as 1 complete print job. That is why the printer processes this job, and then moves on to the next job in the queue. I don't think any print job can be less than 1 complete paper. So it may not be possible to ask the printer to finish the Reports print job in the middle of the paper, and start processing the next job.

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    Please try one or both:

    1. In the windows printer settings change the paper size to 5.5 x 8 inches and/or
    2. In your PRT file change the height to 33 and add a line
    "before report" + printer command that changes the paper length (see you printer manual for this command) then set it back to the 11 inches with "after report" + printer command.

    Example (in prt file)
    height 33
    width 272
    before report esc "C!"
    After report esc "CB"

    Hope this helps.

  • hi brother:)...thanx for a solution but i'm sorry that I cant understand it, plzzz tell me that for what purpose "PRT" files r used, n I've almost 20 .prt files in the directory of my installed developer6i, 2ndly which of the file I should choose among these 20 to write the code u suggested, n lastly what does these commands mean which u told me to write in prt files, I hope that u would clarify me urs suggestion,thax alot....
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    337410 Member Posts: 483

    A PRT file is used by oracle in generating character mode reports. Please cut and paste the code below and save it in a text file (e.g. myhalfsheet.prt) in the same folder as the other prt files. Edit it as needed for example the line printer "FX-1170-wide halfsheet" denotes that I use this prt file for Epson printer FX-1170 for half sheet.
    Notice the line "height 33", this tells the printer the the height of my report is 33 lines (about 5.5 inches).
    The lines with esc "C!", esc "E" are commands to the epson printer (refer to your printer manual for your printer codes). So with my prt file I am telling the printer to

    before report esc "C!" --- print in half page
    after report esc "CB" --- set print to full page

    The code "1" esc "E" are printer codes under field property that I use in the report layout to control individual fields' format.

    When you are done editing the PRT file go to your report's system parameters, desformat and change the initial value to myhalfsheet.prt

    **** start cut below this line

    printer "FX-1170- halfsheet"

    height 33
    width 272

    before report esc "C!"
    After report esc "CB"
    after page control(L)
    return control(M)
    linefeed control(J)

    code "bold on" esc "E"
    code "1" esc "E"
    code "2" esc "F"
    code "4" esc "4"
    code "5" esc "5"
    code "6" esc "M"
    code "7" esc "P"
    code "8" esc "W1"
    code "9" esc "W0"

    **** end cut above this line

    Hope this adds clarity to my other posts.


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