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Exporting Model Results

713616 Member Posts: 7
edited May 14, 2013 5:43PM in Machine Learning
Is there a way to export the variable coefficients from a GLM model to Excel?


  • Hi,
    Here are your current options:

    1)Copy and paste from the GLM viewer to exel

    2)Add a model details node to the workflow and connect the GLM model to it.
    Then select the statistics option.
    That will extract all of the coefficients.
    You can then view these (ctl-end)to load all of them into the grid and then copy/paste

    Or, add a Create table node to the workflow and connect the MOdel details node to it.
    The table created can then be exported to a excel spreadsheet using the SQL Developer Table Export options.
    These are available off of the SQL Dev Navigator tree. You select the table you are interested and then right click for options.

    Thanks, Mark
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