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PHP connections using "zend" generates information on database logs

mporras-Oracle Member Posts: 4
edited Jul 10, 2013 7:14AM in PHP

A customer has detected a strange issue on his database with PHP connections.

Lots of messages like next are reported on the shared server logs:
*** TRACE DUMP CONTINUES IN FILE /oradata/oraaa002/admin/bdump/oraaa002_s001_24956.trc ***
Dump file /oradata/oraaa002/admin/bdump/oraaa002_s001_24956.trc
*** TRACE DUMP CONTINUED FROM FILE /oradata/oraaa002/admin/bdump/oraaa002_s001_24956.trc ***

This is a problem as the files grown and grown until the filesystem is full.

After a lot of testing they have confirmed that these messages are generated by the connections from application connected to database using zend. Other applications using PHP without zend doesn't generate these messages.

Do you hear about similar issues?
Do you know about any difference on connections which could generate this behaviour?
Is there any kind of certification?
- The database is
- oracle oci8 used = 1.4.5
- PHP is 5.2.14 64bits.

Thanks in advance


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