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Purchasing CSI number

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edited Jun 13, 2013 9:47PM in General Database Discussions

I am trying to install EBS R12.1.1 in my Linux 6.4 version. And upon reading numerous blogs I got the procedure that mentions I have to download patches from metalink and also access certain notes to get the complete list of patches for a hassle free installation.

The problem is I do not have a CSI# nor I can get one from any sources. So I am planning to purchase some low-cost software that would give me an year support from Oracle.

Now the question is if I purchase any software that has a support period, will I certainly get a CSI number and with that will I be able to access the Notes and download the patches required for my Linux OS


Should I have to purchase a specific support from Oracle to achieve this?

Please advice..

FYI - I am planning to purchase is below



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