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Uninstall does not work. Java repair or clean up?

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edited Jul 16, 2013 4:12PM in Java Desktop Applications

Hi :-)

I am deploying Java to computers worldwide in our company. We have an accountant system where we need to STAY at a specific Java version. Terrible but true.

Now a lot of our Java installs are being corrupted. That means users are being told to install Java. Nothing about updates - only installs from scratch.

When I enter and test what version I have installed I'm told there's no java. I have uninstalled the Java that doesn't exist and reinstalled it. It doesn't make any difference. I have uninstalled and tried to find files in appdata, programdata and in the program files folders to delete them. It does NOT make any difference. A reset of the browser doesn't make any difference. ONLY when updating the version to the latest solves the issue.

Logically it should be possible to remove all files and settings to make a real clean install. An uninstall doesn't get it clean from files/settings since a reinstall still is causing things not to work.

I can't just update on all the computers where I have this problem, because of our accounting system, which would solve this until next time. SO ... I need a way to REALLY clean up old Java code so I can install the proper (old) version so it works. Or even better a way to FIX a current install...

I am using SCCM to deploy Java - so the install is running elevated. We have to STAY on the 21 update - else our accounting system will not be compatible... I need to fix this ...

I'm kind of stucked... and i don't want to reformat every time I get this issue (4-5 computers per day)...

All are using fully updated Windows 7 and IE 9/10.

Is it possible to find a Java "clean up", "repair" tool or uninstall software that really clean the computer from previous code?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,




  • morgalr
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    edited Jul 16, 2013 4:13PM

    What I do in the case you have outlined is to do the regular unistall as much as it will do.

    Delete the directories where Java was installed.

    Run Ccleaner and do the registry fixes--all of them.


    Run Ccleaner until there are not more errors.


    Then do a fresh install.

    This has saved me many times in the past--with a lot more things than just Java.

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