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How to handle Oracle MAX Connection Limit Exceeded problem in PHP?

RENGANATHANMG Member Posts: 43
edited Aug 13, 2013 1:41AM in PHP

Hi All,

Our application is based on PHP & Ajax.

Occasionally, we are getting "Oracle MAX Connection Limit Exceeded " issue in our application.

We want to alert the user that some problem in oracle database connection.

We did the mistake to not taking care of db error handling.

Is there any way to handle wisely ? Instead of changing or handling errors in all ajax calls.

we have the common PHP & Js files in all the modules.

Any suggestions or feedback are welcome.




  • Christopher Jones-Oracle
    Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,656 Employee

    My suggestion would be to look at using Oracle 11g DRCP connection pooling.  This should allow better resource sharing. Also, when there are too many connections, it blocks until one can be established.

    If you can't use pooling, then do what you need to do to allow more connections: reduce the number of Apache processes, add memory to the DB server machine, increase the DB limit on 'processes' (see the "Configuring the Database For Testing" section in the testing chapter of The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual), etc.

    I have a gut feeling that you are not even using persistent connections.

    Regarding error management, you will still need to be able to handle unexpected errors.

  • Yeah I agree with you using Oracle 11g it is really easy to symbolize connection pooling...I am just still in a fix for arranging data in grids..Suggestions are welcome..!!!!

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