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Run PHP on Windows IIS6

Arun Prasath
Arun Prasath Member Posts: 63
edited Jul 29, 2013 11:40PM in PHP

Hi all,

Just i want to run PHP on Windows server 2003 machine with IIS6, not with Apache or any other webservers.

I've installed PHP from the msi 'php-5.3.27-nts-Win32-VC9-x86'. And installed FastCGI also.

Created a php file with phpinfo() function in it.When i hosted the page in IIS, it says page not found error.

I've been hosting ASP sites through that IIS already. When it comes to PHP it's not working. What am i missing in the above steps???

Help me guys!!!

Best Answer

  • Arun Prasath
    Arun Prasath Member Posts: 63

    Hi CJ thanks,

         I got the solution for this problem by configuring the path of php-cgi.exe in the IIS's 'Default Websites'.

         Now i'm on the my 2nd problem which is, i'm trying to connect to a remote Oracle database server. You also gave some suggestions. Let me look at that..


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