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jstem1177 Member Posts: 371
edited Aug 5, 2013 10:12AM in PHP

Hello All,

Well I've managed, through a series of trial and errors to get OHS, PHP,Apex, Oracle Express, mod_plsql and a tone of other things working harmoniously together on 1 box.

But now .... I want more.

There is a software open_source software I want that I will to bind to my APEX application. This software is in PHP. The first thing I would like is to overcome the login and session management.

In APEX, this is pretty much handled by Oracle, so I never paid much attention to it, but in PHP its a little trickier with the [PHPSESSID] as I can see if the phpinfo.

Any suggestion on how to pass the APEX session ID to the PHP app and force it to the APEX application Login window if the session_id is invalid and/or expired? I have no problems overriding the PHP.INI or recompiling my entire php just for this.

Thanks in advance for any assistance suggestion or documentation.

Jan S.


  • Christopher Jones-Oracle
    Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,656 Employee

    Integration isn't rarely done and I've not looked at current mechanics. Can you utilize a custom authentication package in APEX, set the http header when you call PHP, and utilize a callback (to APEX or directly to the DB if the authentication state is stored in a table)  to verify the header token value is current?

  • jstem1177
    jstem1177 Member Posts: 371

    Hello cj,

    Yes we can utilise custom authentication. This is already the mechanic I'm using. As far as mechanics go, I thing any login system "RETURNS" the result to the calling function, whether ti be on login page of a function (aka silent logins).

    I think the key is the APEX session id.

    If you always pass the session id between PHP and APEX, then within PHP you could easily have a generic routines to get and set APEX session state values.

    Really, you would be just writing wrappers around htmldb_util.get_session_state and htmldb_util.set_session_state.

    If you wanted to store additional values from PHP, you could either use wwv_flow_preferences.get_preference and wwv_flow_preferences.set_preference, or create your own tables and api package.

    Not sure how to go about the whole thing though. Need to give this some more thought.

    JAn S.

  • Christopher Jones-Oracle
    Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,656 Employee

    It would be great to hear how you put it all together in the end.

  • 904494
    904494 Member Posts: 1

    It is also importance that your apex is to be flag as sign that it is authenticated.

  • jstem1177
    jstem1177 Member Posts: 371

    Will post an update if I ever get it to work.

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