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How to reset an outputText value on page load?

$AM$ Member Posts: 32
edited Aug 3, 2013 6:26PM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi All,

I'm using JDeveloper In my application I have a .jspx page. Inside the page I have a selectOneChoice and 2 taskFlows(dragged as region). Depending on the value selected the respective regions are getting rendered.

Each taskflow is having one page. Now in taskflow1(page1), I have an outputText and a button. The value of the text is initially 0. If I'm clicking on the button, the value of the text is changed to 1.

Now if I change the value of the soc to 2, the taskFlow2(page2) will be rendered. Now if I change the value of the soc to 1 again, taskflow1(page1) will be shown. In this page, the outputText value I'm getting as 1, when it getting rendered for the 2nd time. But I want the value to be set to 0.

Please help me with your solutions.


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