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Adding to inittab - hangs!!!


OS--> Enterprise linux 5.5 64 bit

I have an Oracle 10gr2 patch issue. The following are the steps what I followed and facing the error while upgrading the database from to with ASM as Storage option and it’s installed as single instance Standalone server. I perform this just to check the compatibility.

  1. i) Initially I installed the Oracle 32-bit version in a 64 bit machine. No error in this. i can reboot and all oracle components works fine with asm in this
  2. ii) Then I downloaded the patchset 6810189 which is for 32-bit version and Installed the pachset using Universal Installer.
  3. iii) Installation went fine without any error and at last it asked to run the script
  4. iv) At that time it got stuck where it says “Adding to inittab” à which is the “init.cssd” process got stuck during startup
  • v) When I query online, itseems there is a bug in that patch version who install this patch as a single instance standalone server with ASM
  • vi) So what I did is, I removed the init.cssd process using “localconfig delete” command, removed the process from system startup à /etc/inittab and its symbolic link from /etc/rc.2, /etc/rc.3, /etc/rc.5.
  • vii) Rebooted the server and system got started without initilializing this init.cssd process
  • viii) Then again installed the patchset and installation got completed, and able to run the script as well without any delay and error.
  1. ix) Now the did the database upgrade and completed and asm and database upgraded to version.
  2. x) But I wanted to reboot the system to see whats happening, and yes! Again the system got stuck stuck  during the startup of “init.cssd” process..

Please do not reply regarding the violation messages like oracle 10g 32 bit not suported on 64 bit platform.... I need the clean tweaks and mods in order to get this fixed...

kindly let me know the steps to upgrade from oracle 10g> with asm as storage in a stand alone server...

Best Regards,

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