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Doubt about Tunning View Objects

911689 Member Posts: 55
edited Aug 31, 2013 6:44AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi !. I have the following doubt about tunning View Objects:

If I have the following configuration on a VO:

All Rows

In Batches Of: 11

As Needed

Access Mode: Scrollable

Range Size: 10

Total Records On The Table: More than 100

What would happen is that while the initial render, the view cache is fetch with 11 rows from the table and the ui table shows 10. In subsequent scroll events, more queries again will be done but not when the user scrolls back. My doubt is this one: Why, while the initial render If I put a breakpoint in this overrided method executeQueryForCollection, the execution reachs there but in subsequent scroll events (forward) the execution doesn't reach there ?. I understand thast this should happen as the required rows are not yet in the cache. I would like to know a way to test this access mode and what method is executed in every roundtrip to the DB. Thankx !.


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