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Architectural Difference Effect on Signing/Verifying XML Document

Hi all,

I am using Apache Santuario for signing XML.

1. I have a Windows Server 2008 64 Bit, which is using JAVA 7 32 bit JVM. Let's say my signed document is Signed_A. On Windows Server 2008 I am signing the document but the verification fails for Signed_A.

2. Same application is being run on Windows 7 32 bit with the same JVM version. And the document is Signed_B on this machine. I am signing the document and verifying it without a problem.

3. If I move the document Signed_B (which I could sign & verify on Windows 7) to Windows 2008 Server, using the same application I can verify the document. So, my spider senses tell me that, there is a problem with signing.

4. Again if I move the document Signed_A to Windows 7 machine, I could not verify the signature.

I don't know whether the situation is occur because of the difference of processors on machines. But if you have anything that can help me please let me know. Anything could be helpful for now because I'm stuck in here.

Please feel free to ask if you need further explanations. I am not providing any code, because I am suspecting a configuration issue here.

Thanks in advance.

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