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Java Me SDK Installation Question

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edited Sep 23, 2013 2:09AM in Java ME SDK

Dear Java Me Developers,

I downloaded Java Me SDK 3.3 (oracle-jmesdk-3-3-rr-win32-bin.exe) but I just cant find the main application.

When I go into the program folder I just see Custom Device Editor, Java Me Embedded Emulator, Java Me Mobile Emulator and Update Center.

Am I blind or where is it ^^?



  • Terrencebarr-Oracle
    Terrencebarr-Oracle Member Posts: 83
    edited Sep 25, 2013 10:34AM


    Sorry for the slow reply.

    The Java ME SDK allows you to run embedded applications via the Java ME SDK Embedded Emulator or mobile applications via the Java ME SDK Mobile Emulator. If you have an existing mobile or embedded application start the respective emulator and then select the application to run. But the Java ME SDK does not feature a source code editor or other features of a full development environment.

    For a full development environment, you will want to use an IDE such as Eclipse or NetBeans. The plugins that come with the Java ME SDK integrate the Java ME SDK emulators, device editor, and other tools into Eclipse or NetBeans which makes for a complete development environment.

    For a good guide on getting started, see the Java ME SDK "Developers Guide" for NetBeans ( or Eclipse (

    Hope that helps,

    -- Terrence

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