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JDK download


I use Java since 10 years. I am a known actor in java wide technologies and Open source training and SI architectures. And less known but still in development

When Sun was living, it was not easy to find it lol but when you were on the page no problem. Since acquisition, it is really a boring work to get the 1st stack of Open Source world: JDK. So since years I don't go on Oracle website to get it. 01net,, even (what a shame and adware fishing) softsonic and try to keep my precious acquisition in several locations for several OS. In fact I hate having to register to get what is the most essential to community, as I would be in rage having to give my ID card to get a glass of water. During little time, at least, you had to quote or click "no thanks, go to download" to get it.

Today I had to download it again and tried Oracle: check accept download, sentence "you can download blabla" apperas, click download, Unothorized request page saying "sorry you must accept ONG blabla". Go back, check accept licence, verify the sentence "you can now download blabla", click link, Unothorized request page "you must accept ONG, cookie and javascript" (ok they are active only your site doesn't know about it), tried with another browser, same shit. Found an old existing account, of course with only fake informations, connect. Aaaah ! 30mn to download new JDK version.

3 answers possible:

1. create an account, connect and don't mess forum

2. yes many people have problem with it. We will give fast and easy access to that essential stack of Open source communities

3. plz share on p2p

I would prefer 2nd because it's really a shame.having to share on p2p something which is already supposed to be shared

So it could be like a vote, which one is best for you ?

Best regards

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