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I find the remove older Java tool not very useful - Can't it identify the troubled applications

Suggestion - Why not make  an analyze  / remove older Java JDKs and JREs?

The ideal application would analyze both Windows Registry and  XML files for any reference to Java and determine the versions they would use if they were made available on

the file system / registry(windows). I would rather know that some nasty 3rd party application Norton Internet Security may be using as an example can be identified and disarmed

by either removing that application from the file system or updating the application to properly fix it. Also when no updates are available why not create a legacy release that

allows all versions to run under a wrapper that can handle any would be security violations that come along

Also if someone could please tell me what Oracle means when they state the importance of patching CPU fixes?  What exactly are these so called, CPU fixes and why are they so vital??

I believe Oracle owes its developers much more than some lame removal tool that could leave software on the client system or server just plain BROKEN.

Being an Oracle  Certified Java Professional  I think we deserve much more from Oracle on these issues. You know today Oracle gets the blame for all the Java

security vulnerabilities, exploits and successful hacks going on today. How can I be expected to develop code today with such stigmas

When the public starts raving about the safety of PHP and .NET compared to the awful problems of security found with Java software well lets just say it makes a harsh economic condition 100 times worse.

I am hugely disappointed in how Oracle is handling things with Java in this respect. They should be doing far better - Its outrageous it took 45 updates to maybe get things right and even that can not be a  sure thing. Based on Oracle's track record  I expect 60 updates by the end of the year and that just seems so wrong

These are just a few of my pet peeves on this issue

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