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Problem with JavaAccessBridge doAccessibleActions method


     I am doing an R&D to monitor the controls of Java Swing/AWT application from C++. I am using JAB (Java Access Bridge) API for this integration and list out all the controls and control names using JavaMonkey and Ferret applications.

Things that i was used for this to work are:

1) Installed JDK 7u45 and ran below command to enable JAB.

    jabswitch.exe /enable

2) Post that ran JavaMonkey application and it started working from there with out any issues. (and it confirmed me that JAB is enabled successfully)


            I have a button in swing application and post click on that button, it will navigate to another dialog which MODAL dialog box. Unless i close that window, it will not give control back parent window to access controls of parent.

In application, if my accessible context is button, then i am callling below methods to click the button.

getAccessibleActions and doAccesssibleAction

By these two methods i am able to click the button from my application and able to see the MODAL window opened. But post click the control is not coming back to my application instead it is sitting in API level. Until i close the opened modal window, the control is not coming back to my application, instead it is hanging.

Can anyone help me regarding this...? if this fixed in any of the versions, please provide me those details. Appreciate for quick response and thanks in advance.


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