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Cursor jumps to end of text when editing item

V Rickert
V Rickert Member Posts: 165
edited Dec 2, 2013 6:23PM in APEX Discussions

I am using a Javascript function, toUpperCase() to convert data input in a text field.  However, when users would like to change a piece of the data string in the text, the cursor changes one character only before jumping to the end of the text and continuing.  This feature causes aggravation to users.  How can I keep the cursor in the correct place within the string and still use toUpperCase without the cursor jumping to the end of the string?

Thank you!

Best Answer

  • Vishal Pathak (OBIEE-APEX)
    Vishal Pathak (OBIEE-APEX) Member Posts: 205

    the best way to test is to remove OnKeyUp="this.value=this.value.toUpperCase();"  and then check whether you still have the problem

    strange that the problem is there even when you replace OnKeyUp with onChange because the function should not be executed until the change is complete. also replace OnKeyUp with onBlur

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