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Application Item Post Calculation Error for Page Render When Page validation completes.

Hello all.

I am having a post calculation computation error because detail lines are not displaying on the page after a page validation.  Here is the scenario:

I have created a validation that occurs when the 'Delete' Button is pressed for a purchase order on a Master/Detail page.  The 'Master' portion of the page contains the Purchase Order 'header' information from Table A and line items for the purchase order from a child table (Table B) are displayed in the Detail section of the page. The validation I created runs a query to see if invoices exist (Table C) for a purchase order.  If invoices exist, then I terminate the Delete Process and notify the user with a message such as "Invoices exist for this purchase order.  Deletion process of purchase order terminated."  This validation works.  However, during the page rendering phase to redisplay the purchase order, I run a process that sums the amounts on the purchase order detail lines.  For some reason, the detail lines do not redisplay and cause an post calculation computation error for a page item.  Why would the detail lines not immediately redisplay?  The header information is still on the page.

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