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Oracle Patches

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edited Nov 15, 2013 5:42PM in General Database Discussions


Hi All,

I am a bit confused for which Patches I need to install for my Oracle database. I have installed Oracle CPU 2011 but it seems that my database also need these patches

Oracle October 2008 Oracle Critical Patch Update

Oracle January 2009 Critical Patch Update

Oracle October 2009 Critical Patch Update

On the oracle site, I have read this statement:

Patch Information:

Bundle patches are cumulative, which means fixes from previous Oracle security alerts and Bundle patch updates are included. It is not required to have previous security patches applied before applying the Bundle patches. However, you must be on the stated patch set level for a given product home before applying the Bundle for that release.

1. Does this statement refers to those individual patches, which are released between the time from one CPU to other CPU release, are not required?

2. Does Oracle releases cumulative patch for database, which if I install won't require me to install all previous CPU e.g. starting from 2008 CPU? If so, what does that called?

Can someone shed some light on this please? Thank you.



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