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Windows only?

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edited Mar 1, 2014 9:37AM in Java ME SDK

Hi all,

Why are the latest Java ME SDK's (3.4 & SDK8 EA) only available for the MS Windows platform? Haven't used that platform for anything in the past 6 years...

When will there be a Apple Mac OS X and/or Linux version?

Kind regards,




  • Java ME SDK 3.0 is actually available for Mac, but a significant majority of developers uses Windows so is what we are currently focusing on. However, we realize demand for Mac and Linux versions is rising and we are looking at how to support these platforms in the future. Due to advanced tooling and emulation capabilities in the Java ME SDK we require some native functionality of the underlying OS, which means there is non-zero effort to port (and support) ME SDK on non-Windows platforms.

    That said, Java ME SDK 3.4 and 8 EA work fine on virtualization environments such as Oracle Virtual Box running on Linux or Mac.


    -- Terrence

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    Hello Terrence,

    is there any way todevelop on the Mac platform e.g. with reduced functionality? Perhaps just be able to create code and compile with out the simulator and then use OTA as a deploying mechanism?



  • Hi Andy,

    Java ME 8 can digest class files taken directly from the javac compiler (no preverification step necessary as in previous Java ME versions), so you can compile your Java ME 8 app using javac and using the appropriate API libraries that ship with the Java ME SDK 8. You would need to create the jad file manually and then finally copy everything over to the Raspberry Pi via ssh/ftp or via your own simple HTTP OTA server. So, it's doable, but it involves a fair amount of manual work or creating various scripts to do it.

    I will be posting some instructions soon on how to run Java ME SDK on VirtualBox, and I definitely thing that is the easier approach (only downside is you will need to get a Windows 7 license - all other components are free of charge).


    -- Terrence

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