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Need help with non-repeating to repeating XQuery transformation

user8958419 Member Posts: 81
edited Nov 25, 2013 7:26AM in XQuery

I have a non-repeating source:







The Target should be



<PhoneCode> Work</PhoneCode>

<PhoneNumber> 999-888-7777</PhoneNumber>




<PhoneCode> Home</PhoneCode>

<PhoneNumber> 111-222-3333</PhoneNumber>




How do I write the xQuery to accomplish this? I tried with "union" on Phone1, Phone2, I am able to get the repeating PhoneNumber but not getting the PhoneExtension.


  • tsuji
    tsuji Member Posts: 179 Bronze Badge
    edited Nov 25, 2013 6:48AM

    Suppose you have some context node or if that is the whole document, the document root ($context, say), you can do this.

    (: supposing some context, $context :)

    <PhoneList> {

    for $phone in $context/Address/(Phone1, Phone2)




        let $name:=local-name($phone)



        if ($name = 'Phone1') then



          if ($name = 'Phone2') then


          else ()







    ps Edited. I overlooked you have a PhoneCode in the output as well. Add back the block for PhoneCode. Edited-2: Further eliminated some typos. Sorry!

  • odie_63
    odie_63 Member Posts: 8,493 Silver Trophy
    edited Nov 25, 2013 7:31AM

    Based on the input you've given us, the structure appears to be fixed and known at parse time, so why not use a direct mapping :

    element PhoneList {
       element Phone { 
         element PhoneCode { "Work" }
       , element PhoneNumber { $context/Address/Phone1/text() }
       , element PhoneExtension { $context/Address/Phone1Extn/text() } 
     , element Phone { 
         element PhoneCode { "Home" }
       , element PhoneNumber { $context/Address/Phone2/text() }
       , element PhoneExtension { $context/Address/Phone2Extn/text() } 

    (using Tsuji's convention about the context item)

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