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How to retrieve only date and time data from TIME STAMP format field in a java program.

Hello Friends,

     We are facing some issues in our project in that one of the issue is,

                     We are storing data of some text fields which is of type "TIME STAMP" in  "DATABASE" when we are retrieving it is showing only date and time as we are using @TEMPORAL annotation for that POJO Class.
                     But now there is one requirement that we must retrieve TIME STAMP data with out @TEMPORAL  annotation what's happening now, it is retrieving complete data of that field in TIME STAMP format.
                     Which is not required for us we need only date and time from that TIME STAMP format. How to exclude other data by considering only date and time from that format. So guys please help me out with some                              valuable suggestions from your side.

                     I want to split that entire TIME STAMP data in to date and time in a java program.


                     Thanks in advance .  

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