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Page Items not displaying values

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edited Dec 19, 2013 10:02AM in APEX Discussions

I created a page in APEX  I added two text field page items named P3_FROM_RANGE & P3_TO_RANGE.   I also defined a dynamic action on the page named GET_RANGE with the following sql in the PL/SQL Code property under Settings for the True Action:


select grt.from_key_fob_num

, grt.to_key_fob_num


from apextds.gen_range_tab grt;


The GET_RANGE dynamic action is programmed to execute when :P3_TDS_NUM CHANGES VALUE. That is to say the WHEN properties of the dynamic action are:

Event: Change

Selection Type: Item(s)

Item(s): P3_TDS_NUM

Condition: not equal to

Value: ALL

When I change P3_TDS_NUM the session state indicates the dynamic action is executed for the indicated conditions and the text field page items :P3_FROM_KEY_FOB_NUM, :P3_TO_KEY_FOB_NUM have the correct values but they do NOT display on the page.  (If I edit the page and then apply changes and run the page the correct values appear, obviously not a run-time scenario.) 

How do I refresh the text field page items so the values appear when the dynamic action is executed? Is this an issue with a page property, an item property, or the dynamic action properties?



  • Hi Comet,

    Well you don't need to refresh the items, but you do need to fill in your items in the return items in your PL/SQL actions that you want the value to be inserted, otherwise you just change their session value and not their browser value.



    Joni Vandenberghe
  • Comet
    Comet Member Posts: 176 Blue Ribbon

    I made some progress along the lines of what you suggest but I am still having a problem.  I am going to open a new discussion with the revised problem statement.  If you care to take a loke the title of the discussion is 'Dynamic Action Out of Sync.'


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