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web config for multiple connections

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edited Dec 26, 2013 10:24AM in ODBC

I have a web app that I need to set up multiple connections in the web config.

Currently my connection string looks like this:

!--DIWS ODBC Connection String -->

     add key="DIWSOdbcConnection" value="Driver={Oracle in racle9201};Server=1; dbq=STBY; UID=XX_XXX; PWD=1234567890;" />

     add key="DIWSServiceProvider" value="XXXXX.XXX.XXXXXX" />

     add key="DIWSServiceProvider" valu="" />

The real question is this, the connection above is pointed to server 1 and I want this but I also want the connection to server 2 and server 3.  That way if either 1 or two servers goes offline for any reason the web app would still be able to find one server up and running.  Since all data is replicated, integrity is still good.

So how do I set this up with the information above?  Do I simply copy that above info into the config file and where it states server= change the name?  Can I put a comma after the number 1 and add the other server names????

Thanks in advance.

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