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starting of certain AWT gui application generates too much Device Context

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edited Jan 8, 2014 11:02AM in Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)

we are experiencing some issues with some 3rth party java applications using a windows 7 x64 machine with java versions ranging from 1.6_20 upto the latest java 1.7_45.  Our PC's shows general performance issue's when these applications are open.

The root cause of this issue can be traced back to the excessive use of Display Context (DC) by these applications.

These applications seem to use allot of DCE's right from the startup of the application. This in turn causes huge delays in displaying graphical content on our windows desktop (for example: opening a simple image can take up to 20 seconds)

We have traced back the creation of those DCE's to a call comming from one of the java runtime dll's fontmanager.dll which is calling a windows function "EnumFontFamiliesExW" in the windows core component win32k.sys.

On windows 7 x64 the fontmanager.dll seems to call this function about 40% more for opening the same app compared to a Windows Vista x32 PC.

From other references i found out this "EnumFontFamiliesExW" function translates in the use of awt.fonts. We also got confirmation from the 3rth party vendor's of these application that they are internally using Java AWT to create their GUI

Anyone ever bumped into this issue?


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