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af:selectOneChoice not refreshed upon EM(region) refresh

Punin Member Posts: 7
edited Jan 10, 2014 12:28AM in JDeveloper and ADF


I am using JDEV version

I have a <af:selectOneChoice> and a table in a region. The data in the table is rendered on the basis of selection done using <af:selectOneChoice>, between selectItem1 and selectItem2. By default when my page is loaded, the default option is selectItem1, and dataset1 is rendered.

I face the following issue:

Step1: I select selectItem2, value change is triggered and dataset2 is shown in table (as expected).

Step2: I do an EM refresh, (little refresh button on the top right hand corner of the pageTemplate in Enterprise Manager UI)-  the entire region is refreshed, the table is rendered with default dataset1(as expected) since the default value is selectItem1. But <af:selectOneChoice> is not refreshed, and it still shows selectItem2 as selected.

Am I missing some setting here ? Please help. Let me know if more information is required.

Thanks in Advance,



  • Ram-Oracle
    Ram-Oracle Member Posts: 6

    Try binding your af:selectOnChoice to a variable in region's managed bean.




                           id="soc1" autoSubmit="true"




  • Punin
    Punin Member Posts: 7

    Hi Ram,

    I have it already bound to a variable in region's managed bean:

    Here's a rough snippet:

    <af:selectOneChoice  autoSubmit="true" id="soc1"




                                <af:forEach var="item"


                                  <af:selectItem id="it1" label="#{item.label}" value="#{item.value}"/>



  • Ram-Oracle
    Ram-Oracle Member Posts: 6

    Is selectedItem matches item.value? i.e. is #{pageFlowScope.modelBean.selectedItem} equals #{item.value}?  Other than this, could not see what could be wrong.

  • Punin
    Punin Member Posts: 7

    Yes, it is the same.


  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,725 Red Diamond

    When you refresh the page the bean value (you bound the SOC value to) is not reset to the default value. This you have to do yourself.


  • Punin
    Punin Member Posts: 7

    Hi Timo,

    The bean value is reset to default value( to selectItem1) , and therefore the data shown in the table is dataset1. It's only the UI where the old value(selectItem2) is shown in dropdown.



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