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ADF Dynamic region in a popup does not load

Vikranth K
Vikranth K Member Posts: 33
edited Jan 9, 2014 5:59AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi Experts,

JDEV version used

I have a page which has a table and each row has a command link on one of the columns.

When I click on the command link an action listener is invoked which decides the DYNAMIC TF that is to be loaded in a pop up .

The pop up has a dynamic adf region in it.

Based on the record clicked (using command link) task flow is loaded in the dynamic region of the the Popup .

But, when i click the same link for the second time or a different record the popup is displayed as blank , The taskflow in the dynamic region is not loaded at all.(getDynamicTaskFlowId is invoked and is also returing the correct TF to be loaded)

First time it works as expected  , but its not happening from the second time.

I have used conditional activation , but later due to the above issue I have tried to put an expression #{true} for the active property to test if it works. It didn't.

Please note that first time there is no issue.It does not work from the second click on same record or any other record.

Any other suggestions to fix the above issue  are much appreciated.




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