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Refreshing Main Page column when task flow returns

user8654007 Member Posts: 44
edited Jan 13, 2014 3:45AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi Experts,

     I have a 'af:commandLink' , when clicked it shows a popup which contains a region.Latest values for commandLink is calculated when task flow starts.

     My requirement is to refresh the 'af:commandLink' when task flow ends.

     Any pointers how to achieve that?

- Batra


  • Frank Nimphius-Oracle
    Frank Nimphius-Oracle Member Posts: 29,689 Bronze Badge

    Duplicate of: Refresh main page after return from another

    If not, please clarify how the popup is launched.


  • user8654007
    user8654007 Member Posts: 44

    I Also tried to have returnListener on "af:commandLink" but its never get called , hence refresh never done.

  • user8654007
    user8654007 Member Posts: 44

    Command Link which causes the popup to show , popup contains the Region -

    <af:commandLink text="#{}"





                                    <af:showPopupBehavior popupId="::healthP"


                                        <af:setActionListener from="#{baRow.targetName}"


                                        <af:setActionListener from="#{baRow.target_type}"




    I don't get a call to {apm_model_businessapp_HomePageViewBean.refreshHealthOnHome} , when popup is closed.

    Popup -

    <af:popup id="healthP" contentDelivery="lazyUncached"



                          <af:dialog id="d2" type="none" resize="on" title="#{baResource.HEALTH_PAGE_TITLE}"> 

                                             <af:region value="#{bindings.healthtaskflowdefinition1.regionModel}"





  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,725 Red Diamond

    User, there are a couple of things to do.

    1) which jdev version do you use?

    2) the link text should refresh, however I don't see why or where it changes

    3) the btf which runs in the region: how does it finish? Or how do you close the dialog once the btf has done it's work

    4) what is the transaction isolation level on the btf? Is the data control shared with the caller? Are changes done in the btf committed?

    I guess the returnListener in the command link doesn't fire because your dialog is of type 'none' and thus don't fire such events. You can try to use the popupCaneledListener of the popup and an DialogListener on the dialog to control the close of the popup.


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