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Refreshing icons to right of region title

Jeremy Webb
Jeremy Webb Member Posts: 259 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 16, 2014 2:34PM in APEX Discussions


I have a number of icons to the right of my region title. These may well be for adding a new record, deleting all records etc.

The deleting all records icon is only shown if there are actually records shown in the report region, i.e. there are records to delete.

Using Skillbuilders modal page popup, I populate a record, and this uses the refresh region which means the region now shows the record. However, as discussed in numerous other discussions, the region title does not get refresh. I know I could use jQuery to change the region title, however I wish to effectively refresh the region title so that the delete all records icon appears if it was not already there.

So my senario is,

1. No records shown in report, so delete all records icon not displayed.

2. Use presses add record icon, and using modal page plugin, a new record is added.

3. Close modal page refreshes the region so that new record is displayed.

4. THIS IS THE PROBLEM - I need to refresh the region title as well so that the delete all records icon is now shown.

Any ideas?





  • Nicolette
    Nicolette Member Posts: 526 Silver Badge


    Use the After Refresh event on the region to fire your dynamic action.

    Using a javascript expression as when condition you can use a "add class"  "remove class" to display or hide the delete icon.

    Notice that the delete icon must always be rendered on the page to be able to show it after a region refresh.

    I have done something similar in this demo. Change the number of rows in the regions to change the colour of the tabular form when it becomes below a threshold.


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