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P-Track Application: Joint view of Interactive Reports

User12611452-Oracle Member Posts: 1
edited Jan 22, 2014 10:53AM in Packaged Applications

Is there a way to create a customized report in the P-Track Application that joins the fields from the various individual interactive reports? For example, if I want certain columns from Projects tab and also other columns from the Status Updates tab, how can I achieve that?




  • Jayson Hanes
    Jayson Hanes Member Posts: 122
    edited Jan 22, 2014 11:29AM

    Dorothy, you'll need to create another report or modify an existing one with a query that does this type of join. It most certainly can be done -- but -- you'll have to unlock the application so that you can edit it.. I augmented the interactive report on page 1 (Projects' interactive report) to give users the "latest status update" by project.

    This is my "extra column" in that report:

    ,(select status_update from eba_proj_status_updates where update_date=(select max(update_date) from EBA_PROJ_STATUS_UPDATES u where u.project_id = latest_status_update
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