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How to connect to the human_resources schemas in 12c?



  • Dude, u really dont know to explain the noobs like me.

    Did I mistakenly assume that you could read? You don't seem to be READING the replies people are giving or the documentation you are referred to.

    "and in sql developer you enter the information I mentioned earlier"

    And this is what I 'mentioned earlier':

    You don't need to use TNSNAMES.ORA if you use the Basic connection type: just the service name, hostname and port.

    Do you see 'Connection Type - Basic' in that image you posted? I don't.

    You were already ask once to quit jumping around and focus on ONE THING.

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    9a8s7d6f5g4h3j2k1l Member Posts: 75
    edited Jan 29, 2014 9:36PM

    Yeah, finnaly. Tnx. It work now.

    Still dont understand why Oracle did this, make it a lot harder. :S
    Next time rp0428, be more precise, and get me serious, when i say i'm noob, that means it.

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