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Is it possible to set Background Image of Chart?

KRISH1979 Member Posts: 32
edited Jan 31, 2014 9:52AM in APEX Discussions

APEX version : 4.2.3

Browser: IE9 / Chrome

DB: Oracle 11gR2

Hello Experts,

Is it possible set the background image of Charts? If yes, please guide me how to do it as I didnt find any option.



Best Answer

  • jwellsnh
    jwellsnh IT Manager Concord, NHMember Posts: 1,816 Silver Trophy
    edited Jan 29, 2014 10:41AM Answer ✓

    Is something like this what you had in mind?

    This was accomplished by customizing the Fill setting within the XML behind the Anychart.

    Chart background was

    <fill type="Solid" color="0xffffff" opacity="0" />
    <border enabled="false"/>
    <corners type="Square"/>

    Altered to; see line 2:

    <fill type="Image" image_url="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#Dolphins.jpg" image_mode="Tile" />
    <border enabled="false"/>
    <corners type="Square"/>



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