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how to call a task flow from the jsff page using as subview in jspx in adf

User_EYDAR Member Posts: 74 Employee


I have one usecase where I have to call one task flow when the button inside the jsff page is clicked.

What I am doing now is

1)I have one jspx page.

2)I have included one jsff page(containing some input component+one button) as a subview.

3)Now what i want to do now is when I will click this button i am calling one taskflow and it will open as popup using UseWindows=true.but here I am getting one dialogue(confirm navigation)which says there are one or more dialogue in this page do u want to navigate or stay in same page.clicking on navigate make away from the jspx page which is not required.

so my question is how to achieve this functionality and what is the difference between using subview and using as region.I thought of doing it using creating a task flow with page fragment and use of parent action that wil help me to open the task flow as popup.



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