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How to display a value from Select List by default

Ajay Kapur
Ajay Kapur Member Posts: 47
edited Jan 31, 2014 9:59AM in APEX Discussions

I have a Select List on a form and I need to on page load show an entry from the SL depending on the user Id of the user logged on.  For example, if the SL had 3 entries: 'Div1', 'Div2', and 'Div3', depending on the division the user belongs to (I can determine that from his user Id using a SQL), say, I need to display 'Div2' to the user in the SL instead of the usual NULL or '---- Select Div ----'.  'Div1' and 'Div 3' entries will still be part of the SL, but for user's convenience I need to display their division.

Any ideas?




  • Kofi
    Kofi Member Posts: 411 Bronze Badge

    Hi Ajay,

    you need to specify your apex version, database version and so on to make our help specific.

    Anyhow you can create a page process- for example one at On Load before header.

    For example;



      v_division varchar2(32);


      --select default division

       select my_division

       into v_division

      from my_division

      where my_division=:APP_USER;




    Then in the default of your select list, specify P_DIVISION as the default. Using one of several methods

    Understanding Page-Level Items


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