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ODP.NET w/ SPROCs. Some values not being written?

422705 Member Posts: 13

One of the developers has found a really perplexing issue that I'm really floundering on at the moment.

We have a .NET application inserting data into a db using stored procedures. I've tested this a number of times and all seems to work fine. A developer then used the same code but on a different database and for some bizarre reason, some columns after the insert are persisted, but others are completely missing?!?

I compared the two packages and tables from both instances and they are identical. I'm at a loss as to why exactly some values are being lost in the murk..

I originally thought that the parameter mappings must be different, which would explain why some columns persist fine, others not but its the same baseline code that is running on both machines.

I've traced at the DB inside the sproc too and found that the missing/incorrect data is what the sproc receives which leads me to believe it must be ODP.NET or the application code that is causing the craziness.

If anyone has come against something similar please reply! :)

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