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OHJ Search with special characters

Using OHJ 4.1.12, the full-text-search seems to be less than perfect when the search terms include non-alphanumeric characters. Our application is a command-based application, and many of our commands are prefexed with tilde (~), asterisks (*), or slashes (/). Slashes work fine, but tildes and asterisks neither one do. There are other cases (filenames involving slashes, variable names with underscores) that also don't work.

I recognize that this is another case where the nature of the ANSYS application introduces weird problems, but I'd like to know whether this is something that you are specifically avoiding in your search algorithm, or if it's a bug that you'll be trying to fix.

Thanks again for a great help product,

Jeff Beal


  • Hi Jeff,

    This is a known problem. It is caused by a combination of
    a few factors. Namely the way Java's BreakIterator chooses
    to define word boundaries, rules in our Search Indexer that
    discard certain search terms, and issues with the way the
    Search Indexer processes HTML character entities.

    We've logged a bug against OHJ based upon customer feedback
    about this issue, and we are going to try to address the
    issue by tweaking the above, but also by introducing new
    functionality where the author can "stuff" the search
    index with author defined search terms that are taken
    literally and not processed by our engine. This functionality
    has a number of uses, for example if you suspect that users
    often misspell a common search term you could include misspelled
    variations as search terms associated with a topic (these will
    be specified in meta tags in the HTML file). It could also be
    used to load the index when the well-meaning Oracle Help search
    algorithm doesn't do what you expect.
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