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No pilot found for text/html

We just shipped our product containing Oracle Help for Java v. 4.1.12. We have a customer running Win2000 complaining that he can't view any of the help content. He gets the message "No pilot found for text/html" in the text pane. Other than that, his system seems to be configured correctly. Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be causing this? We haven't been able to re-create the error message here at all. (As a side note, we install all help files locally, encapsulated in a JAR file)

Jeff Beal
Documentation Tools Specialist
[email protected]


  • This error comes from the embedded ICE Browser, but I'm
    not sure why. The ICE Browser has as part of it's JAR file
    a file with no extension called "storm". This file includes
    a list of pilots that map to mime type like "text/html". You
    would get this error if the storm file could not be found or
    if the ice.pilots.html4.ThePilot class could not be found on
    the classpath or loaded.

    I'd be happy to help debug this if you have more information.
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